Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Brenna Sakas - PetsMart

BRENNA SAKAS recently booked an instructional/point of sale video for PetsMart. Look for her at a PetsMart store near you soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nicole Turk - Barbasol

NICOLE TURK recently booked a national commercial beating out several other actors for Barbasol Shaving Products. Thanks to Jim and Shel for the booking.

United Auto Group Las Vegas

Marc Lyncheski - The Business Man

Ted Quinn - Repo Man 1

Jose Rosete - Repo Man 2

We recently booked 3 principal roles for a commercial for United Auto Group Las Vegas in which a businessman gets his stuff repossessed. Thanks to Brett Coleman for the call.

America's Most Wanted

William Watson - Ben Bradley (the Victim)

Ross Collins - Ken Bradley

Steve Lundeen - Bowman

Jose Rosete - Inmate

Liz Rohe - Hiker

Cavin Gray - Friend at Beach

We recently booked 6 roles for America's Most Wanted, "Ben Bradley's Killer" which did air recently. Casting by Darlene Wyatt Casting.

Joel Cunningham - Seattle Mariners

JOEL CUNNINGHAM recently shot a principal role for the Seattle Mariners "Ryan's Big Night" commercial playing a marketing guy. If you have family in the Pacific Northwest, tell them to look for Joel on TV. Casting by Darlene Wyatt Casting.

Cathy Rankin - Larry Miller Hyundai

CATHY RANKIN recently shot an infomercial for Larry Miller Hyundai as their spokesperson. Look for it on-air soon. Thanks to Brett Coleman for the call.

Brenna Sakas - Dickinson's Witch Hazel

BRENNA SAKAS recently booked the only principal role for a Dickinson's Witch Hazel facial products commercial. Special thanks to Jim, Shel, and Walt for the booking. Click here to see the spot.

Maneater Lifetime Mini-Series

Cathy Rankin - Misty

Natalie Karmo - Cassidy

Lauren Alonzo - Coral

Sarah Coggin - Hostess

Andy McDermott - Police Officer

Rosalie Michaels - Sales Clerk

Ky-Moni Abraham - Agent # 2

Dean Ronalds - Agent # 1

We were very happy to have booked 10 principals (Carmen Prisco as Kenny and Leah Notebaert as Flight Attendant are not pictured) on the TV mini-series, Maneater, starring Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) as well as numerous featured extras and extras.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Felisha Terrell - Days of Our Lives

FORD/RBA Model/Actor, FELISHA TERRELL, has recently won a three-year contract/series regular role on "Days of Our Lives." More info soon.